Night of the Living Dead DJ's provide a unique, special and fun soundtrack to your night. Meet them below...

Name: DJ Fearney

Band you cried most about when they split up:

I think I shed a tear when Mis-teeq were no more :(

Late artist you would bring back for one night only:

Hmm too hard to choose...Bob Marley, MJ or Aaliyah...oh and Elvis...

Dream gig: Probably being Missy Elliott's tour DJ

Highlight of your career:

So many to mention but probably interviewing one of my childhood heroes-Eve!


Name: DJ Dlux

Favourite one hit wonder of all time: Shaddap Ya Face by Joe Dolce

Band you would most like to re-unite: Heartless Crew or A Tribe called Quest

Best DJ gig ever: Night of the Living Dead of course... ;)

Highlight of your career: Too many to mention!

Name: DJ Emily Rawson

Girl Band you wish you could have been in: Blatantly TLC-Obvs!

One hit wonder that you bought on cassette: Ummm...Cleopatra comin atcha

Dream gig: On a beach somewhere hot with a huge crowd, in a bikini

Highlight of your career: Hosting my own rammed stage for my brands Supadupafly + Rock the Belles at Lovebox!